Unlock your hip flexors review: A detailed look at the book and what it offers

Many people all across the globe are used to sitting on comfortable chairs either in their offices or at their homes. Unfortunately, many of them are not aware that prolonged sitting causes a lot of damage to the different parts of the body. The most affected apart is the hip flexor muscles. These are muscles that join the upper body to the lower body and play a very crucial role when it comes to creation of body balance and body movements. This means that your ability to bend, kick, twist and even sit depends on the flexibility of these muscles.

When these muscles tighten, many individuals do experience a lot of pain in the joints, troubled sleeping, blood circulation issues, digestive related ailments as well as low sex drive. This means that these muscles do affect every bit of the body and hence there is need to keep them flexible and in optimal performance. It is sad to say that identifying the tightness of these muscles is very tricky and this is why many doctors up to now are unable to identify their malfunction.

However, the new Unlock Your Hip Flexors program by Mike Westerdal in conjunction with Rick Kaselj teaches both men and women how to keep the hip muscles flexible so as to improve body strength, energy and overall body health. The program is designed in a step by step procedure with easy to follow daily workouts. In fact, one doesn’t need to be an exercise expert to use the program.

Who Are The Authors of This Program?

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors system has been designed by two of the most established exercise and health training experts in the world. Mike Westerdal is an accomplished strength trainer, muscle builder and body builder. His work speaks for itself after being featured on different magazines such as muscles and strength, REPS and Monster muscle among others.

The other contributor to Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is Rick Kaselj, who is among the leading kinesiologist as well as an injury specialist. He has 16 years of personal experience in the field. On top of this, he also has a master’s degree in exercise science. This means that this program is full of content bearing in mind the knowledge of two experts incorporated together.

What Is Contained In the Program?

The unlock your hip flexors program can be said to be one of its kind when it comes to content. Unlike others in the market, it comes with step by step description on how to work out your hip muscles sometimes referred to as psoas muscles in ten different ways something other programs cannot match. Here is a very vivid description of the content as contain in this eBook guide.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD Video

This is the foundation of the program. The videos put together by Rick contains 10 exercises which when done properly un-tightens the hard to reach psoas muscles within a short period of time. It has two different sections; the instructional section and the follow along format. The instructional section takes you through the perfect way to do the exercises, the best way to take each and how you are supposed to feel if indeed you are doing it right. The second part of the video program contains videos of Rick doing the exercises without any explanations. You are supposed to follow how Rick does the exercises hence no need for guesswork.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Manual

The manual of this workout system is incredible in its own way. It gives you deeper insight into the psoas muscles and how its tightness can impact negatively on your health. It also contains clear pictures each with descriptions about exact body movements.

The Sequential Flow Method

It is time we changed how we do our exercises in order to improve our flexibility, add strength and promote the natural healing of our bodies. Static training is not enough to give us all these. What we need for our bodies is the sequential flow method of exercises. Here is a description of the techniques this program comes with to cause flexibility in your hip flexor muscles and connective tissues among other parts of the body. Here is a breakdown of the six parts of sequential flow method which should be done orderly.


PNF Stretching: This is an abbreviation for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. It is a technique for reducing stiffness of joints by activating a specific muscle around the joint.

Dynamic Stretching: This involves activating of muscles around a joint and moving the joint through a whole range of motion in a progressive way. This movement ensures proper blood circulation around the joint warming up of muscles to reduce tightness.

3D Core Stability Exercises: This is an exercise meant to move muscles in every direction especially the core abdominal muscles to promote circulation, strength and endurance.

Mobility Exercises: Is an exercise to ensure that your joints move in all directions with full flexibility. This allows the joints to work optimally.

Fascia Stretching: Since fascia tissue inflexibility has negative impacts on our body, stretching it increases our flexibility. The exercise main targets at loosening and lengthening the fascia tissue along its muscles.

Muscle Activation Movements: Many of us do spend most of our time seated down. This causes certain body muscles to get deactivated. This exercise is meant to activate these muscles and increase their flexibility in order to enhance body movement.

What Are The Bonuses That Come With Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program?

Apart from the DVD Videos and manual of Unlock Your Hip Flexors system, there are also two additional bonuses it comes with. These bonuses form a perfect mix for this program since they are in line with what the entire system is about. The bonuses are:

Unlock Your Hamstrings: This is meant to teach you how to keep your hamstrings in perfect condition. It takes you through a routine of exercises meant to keep your leg muscles free from tearing as well as keep your hamstrings flexible.

The 7-Day Anti-inflammatory Diet: Choosing the right food reduces injury, inflammation of muscles and improves overall body health. The 7 day anti-inflammatory diet therefore contains meal plans, diet recommendations, supplement tips as well as shopping lists to help you induce natural healing process in your body by reducing pain and muscle soreness.

What are The Benefits of Unlock Your Hip Flexors System?

  • The main causes of tight hip flexor muscles
  • How tight hip muscles ruin your sexual performance
  • Why doing hardcore workouts do more harm than good if you haven’t unlocked your hip muscles
  • How to stretch the difficult-to-access body muscles and enhance their flexibility
  • How sitting impacts your health
  • The main causes of tight hip flexor muscles
  • How tight hip muscles ruin your sexual performance
  • Why doing hardcore workouts do more harm than good if you haven’t unlocked your hip muscles
  • How to stretch the difficult-to-access body muscles and enhance their flexibility
  • How sitting impacts your health


My story

A few months ago, I was among the people who thought that ‘static exercise is enough to open up the muscles and while you know it why you should spend hundreds of dollars in figuring out further techniques?’ However, I found out that there was something that hinders my performance and does not let me reach out all my muscles and move my whole body at its best. Thus, I did a decent research concerning it. I found that some muscles like hip flexors are really hard to reach. These cannot be opened up with the regular static stretching. You need to move your body in the right rhythm and flow and make your specific muscles work one after the other in order to open the hip flexors in right way. Therefore, I finally gave a shot to such programs.

While I was trying out various methods to improve my body performance, the results were a bit disappointing. It was because I was unable to get to the right program initially. And just when I was tired of all these programs and ready to quit, one of my acquaintances came to me and mentioned this program. Thus, I decided to give a final shot to these programs and got the unlock your hip flexors book and DVD.

The book is all filled up with information. It is a great guide which provides deep knowledge about the mighty psoas muscle and how it impacts on your health. Moreover, you also get complete information regarding exercises and movements you need to do with pictures. A decent and handy guide for anyone who is looking to become agiler.


What are Pros and Cons of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors System?


This Unlock Your Hip Flexors program comes with a lot of pros compared to cons. Here is a look at the pros;

Easy to do exercises: this program comes with tutorial videos that are easy to follow and can be done by anyone regardless of age or gender.

Great Discount: Mike Westerdal offers great discounts to those interested in buying the program. No wonder many people are talking advantage of this to register!

No Equipment Required: you don’t require any specific type of equipment to perform these exercises. All you need is a wall to support you nothing more.

60 day money back guarantee: There is a 60 day money back guarantee in case you do not realize results in a period of 2 months. However, this is a rare case since those who have used the program before realized results before even the two months.



The only con associated with Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is that it is only available in a digital format. This means you need internet to access it.

Does Unlock Your Hip Flexors System Work?

Yes! This is one of the few programs all over the world that have proven beyond doubt that they can deliver within a short period of time. It increases the flexibility of the hip muscles which consequently improves overall body health by boosting the immune system, increasing blood circulation, enhancing sexual performance and promoting body posture among more health related benefits.

Final note

Hope that now you know much about how things go on and it will help you in deciding whether or not the program is appropriate for you. Note that if you are a person who is willing to have decent fitness, great body mobility, or relieve the back pain, hip pain, then you should opt for this program. Give it a try, and you will surely love it. And in case if you feel that it is not the right thing for you, you can always benefit from the money back guarantee.