Penis Professor – The Perfect Penis Enlargement Solution

It’s a fact, women like a big penis. They’ll tell you, “It’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it”, but we all know that given the choice between a smaller and a bigger penis, they’ll go for the latter. So where does this leave you?

This leaves you with a less desirable penis.


I run this site as a hobby. I’ve been interested in penis enlargement since I was 13 and realized I wasn’t headed down “endowment lane”. Later on, as I became sexually active, I could tell the girls I was with weren’t happy with my size. So as I headed into my 20s, instead of settling for the pathetic penis I was born with, I decided to do something about it. I started researching penis enlargement websites and trying the different programs I found.

“I’ve spent A LOT of money”

Let me be candid with you for a moment. There’s a lot of shit out there. I’ve tried pumps, exercises, pills, patches, devices, stretchers, and the list goes on. I’ve seen results from only a few of the programs I’ve tried – which is really pathetic considering how many different techniques I’ve bought, subscribed to or spent time on.

After trying so many different methods, I figured there’s no better way to help guys like me, than to create a website as a record or what I’ve done. If nothing else, I hope this site will help point you in the right direction and save you some money that you might have wasted otherwise.

I hope the Penis Professor Will Help Point You In The Right Direction
For men who would rather forgo the ingestion of herbal tablet, or the application of the herbal patch, then penile exercises may be the way to approach penis enlargement. Penile exercises are the most natural route to go, but they do require a small time commitment. Penis Professor offers the most comprehensive guide to penis enlargement through exercise that I have ever seen. This enormous member site guides its clients through effective penis enlarging exercises. Requiring only 7 minutes per day, a volunteer study indicates that the regime has a 98% satisfaction rate; average length gains of 3.45 inches; average girth gains of 2.5 inches; and the sex drive of the participating individuals was doubled on average.

The penis professor program offers step-by-step pictures and detailed video instruction to clearly demonstrate the correct way to perform the techniques. You also receive a free personal consultation, weekly Penis-Guru workshops, access to a member’s forum, over 30 distinct targeted exercise and a 100% money back guarantee.

The extensive penis professor member’s area evokes a feeling of community. There is sincere customer appreciation as the support at the site is above standard, and clients are walked step-by-step through the program until they are comfortable. I was also impressed with the great selection of bonuses offered and the other benefits achieved by the exercises such as increased semen and ejaculation volume, harder erections, male multiple orgasms, cure and prevention of impotence, prevention of premature ejaculation, and curvate straightening.

Penis Professor is highly recommended for men seeking the most natural approach to penis enlargement.

I’m sure you’re anxious to know if I got the results I was looking for in the end. In actuality, I got a lot more than I expected. First off, I was able to add a full 2.5 inches to my length and an inch to my girth.

“a full 2.5 inches to my length”

I’ve found that the increase in my penis size is only one of the many things that has changed in my life. In the past 9 months, my social and professional life have changed drastically. Like I mentioned earlier, my confidence has grown exponentially in all areas of my life. I’m not the best looking guy in the world, but I’m confident I can get any girl I want (and have proven this to myself many times over). I’m more sure of myself at work and with friends and have done and said things I would have never had the balls to before (no pun intended). I had no idea a change in my penis size would affect me in so many ways.


No one knows all of the reasons a big penis is better than a small one. Obviously, it feels better to a woman – bigger = more sensation. But inexplicably, most women claim a big penis looks better and is much more sexually arousing. Why is this? Possibly, it’s some forgotten instinct – a small voice in their heads that says, “A bigger penis means dominant male”. This could possibly explain why women think it’s arousing and men want to have it.

Men that have successfully enlarged their penises report an enormous increase in their confidence. In the end, everything comes down to power and it might sound crazy, but a man with a big penis has power over both women and men.

“a man with a big penis has power”

The sexual confidence that comes with having a big penis means power over women.

The general confidence that comes with having a big penis means power over men.

If you want confidence in all areas of your life and the “equipment” to properly please a woman, the penis professor will point you in the right direction.

Click here to get your copy of this revolutionary program today, and start the road to a more confident you immediately.

So congratulations and good luck!

Ejaculation Trainer by Matt Gorden – How To Last Longer in Bed Naturally

Premature EjaculationFor a heterosexual man, nothing can compare to the ultimate satisfaction which comes from fully pleasing a woman in bed.  Feeling her tight body go completely limp after a powerful orgasm gives us a huge sense of accomplishment, is a massive ego booster, and, more importantly, will keep her coming back for more.  Unfortunately, for most men, this is no easy task to achieve.  Satisfying women in bed may seem like a new concept.  For generations of men before us, this was probably not a priority at all.  Today though, if you want to get laid or keep a woman interested in you and coming back for steamy sex, you need to hone your technique and be really good in the bedroom.  For a variety of reasons, many men find it difficult to last longer during sex.

In fact, nearly 40% of all adult men in the United Stated today suffer from some form of premature ejaculation.

Many of us have tried various ways to last for a longer time in bed and prevent early orgasms.  Some of the most common techniques include creative visualization, squeezing, turning pleasure into pain, and the stop-start method.  Creative visualization refers to distracting your mind during sex by thinking about something horrible or disgusting like Snooki nude.  Another technique, squeezing, helps you delay the moment you ejaculate by tensing all of the muscles in your body.  In my experience, this technique isn’t terribly effective and the potential for an embarrassing situation to occur far outweighs the benefits.  Our next technique, turning pleasure into pain, is often done by biting your tongue or biting down on a finger when getting close to an orgasm to redirect attention to your pain.  Still others are forced to stop entirely or take breaks during sex in order to prevent premature ejaculation.  For many women though, this starting and stopping action or otherwise odd behaviour will create frustration and will give them something very intriguing to talk about with their girlfriends. Are your ears burning?

Another technique that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of herbal supplements, creams, and pills to enhance male sexual performance.  With no shortage of products on the market promising to enhance your performance in the bedroom, many men are confused about which ones, if any, deliver the results they want without using toxic chemicals.

Find here what concrete exercises from Ejaculation Trainer I used to delay ejaculation during sex naturally!

Do you really want to learn how to prolong your sexual performance in bed without using sprays, pills, creams or awkward techniques?  There is now a massively popular new technique on the market that has caught the attention of many men and their frustrated women.  I recently discovered this technique, and I can tell you that it has produced some amazing results in a very short amount of time.


Ejaculation Trainer is a program developed by sex educator and sexual researcher, Matt Gorden, which has literally given thousands of men their sexual lives back.  This program has shown men how to last longer and delay ejaculation and has given them the opportunity to have satisfying sex that lasts all night long.  Wouldn’t you like to have total control over your body and satisfy a woman to the point where she’s begging for more?

The Ejaculation Trainer technique is simple, straightforward, and has a solid basis in scientific research on male sexuality.  In just three easy steps, you can beat your premature ejaculation forever and begin enjoying the sex life you deserve.

1) Mind control

According to Ejaculation trainer, controlling the mind takes conscious effort on finding out what is the possible reason for premature ejaculation. If it is pointed out, there are many ways on how to look for help through the internet. As much as possible it is best to understand the ejaculatory process and know which stage they are in, with that, they can delay their orgasm by doing what the Ejaculation trainer guide offers.


2) The importance of hormone

Through Ejaculation Trainer, men would know the importance of serotonin and dopamine in their sexual drive. There is no need to take that much supplements whilst undergoing major treatment to avoid premature ejaculation. The book reveals a lot of natural ways on how to increase their serotonin level like eating chocolates. An in-depth analysis and explanation on the important part of hormones during sexual intercourse is explained as what most Ejaculation trainer reviews say.


3) Physical involvement

True enough there are physical measures on how to avoid having orgasm early. Many Ejaculation trainer reviews revealed tips and tricks on how to last longer in bed. One of which is to mechanically pull of their penis during intercourse if they feel like bursting out. it will only take less than a minute for their nerves to come down and last a little longer in bed without having to undergo premature ejaculation. And by reading the whole program, Ejaculation trainer are sure to give positive outcome in stopping premature ejaculation.


The Bad Stuff

  • In our opinion this product was promoted to aggressively by PR.
  • It’s necessary to use your own will power to get better results.

The Good Stuff

  • These methods are safe and healthy to use for everyone.
  • You will not have to change your lifestyle and day-cycle.
  • Ejaculation Trainer Guide is well written and very easy to follow for everyone.
  • It’s only 5 step method, everyone can do it.
  • Gives results very fast, like no other method.
  • Comes with 60 days money back guarantee. You can try it for free and request money back if You’re not satisfied.
  • This product is massively discounted right now from $99 to $49 only which make it a bargain.
  • Some people solve their problems in 24 hours!

People live with premature ejaculation thinking there is no natural cure to solve it. Sure, You can buy some chemical products but this will help in a short period of time. Sooner or later your problems will come back. This is why I underline the word Natural.  The power of natural cures is that once you get rid of premature ejaculation You will be free to the rest of your life!

Overall, this program is nothing short of amazing. It is a much needed alternative to poisoning your body with herbal supplements or using awkward numbing sprays and start-stop techniques that will leave your woman frustrated and her friends talking.  Do yourself a favour and check out the Ejaculation Trainer review today!


Welcome to the European Depression Association

Welcome to the European Depression Association

The European Depression Association (EDA) is an alliance of organisations, patients, researchers and healthcare professionals from 19 countries across Europe.

Depression is already the most prevalent health problem in many EU Member States, and more than 50 million European citizens (11% of the population) experience mental disorders at some time in their lives. EDA raises awareness and promotes better understanding of the impact of depression on people’s lives, to challenge stigma and discrimination, and to provide a voice for those who experience depression. By coming together in Europe, members of the EDA exchange research, information and best practices; co-ordinate pan-European actions, and extend the reach of their campaigns.

Each year EDA organises European Depression Day to raise awareness of depression across Europe. The theme of this year’s campaign is Depression and the Workplace.

Join our campaign
More than 1 in 10 EU citizens suffer from depression at some point in their life and they commonly experience symptoms such as lack of attention, memory loss and difficulty planning and taking decisions. Show your support today and email our open letter to your MEP.

Raising awareness and fighting stigma.

Read more about European Depression Day.

Improving access to an integrated approach to care, treatment and services.

Read our Manifesto

Read our impact of depression on the workplace IDEA survey

Advocate for better funding and policies.

Read more about the MEP Ambassador Programme

Enlarge Your Penis Completely Naturally With The Help Of Penis Enlargement Bible

Are you looking for a few extra inches as well?

If yes, then read my personal Penis Enlargement Bible review below BEFORE buying any kind of penis enlargement product.

I have never believed in natural penis enlargement and the idea of surgery made me sick! There are all kinds of sucking devices, pills and creams available but my experience is that most of this stuff is not working and just making you even more frustrated and I hate investing my time and money in things that do not work.

The good news is that things have actually changed for the better now just 3 weeks later (ask my wife!) and that is due to Penis Enlargement Bible which she actually paid for, I wonder why 😉

Let me start out by saying that Penis Enlargement Bible offer a new way to achieving more size in your pants and it is 100% natural and safe. This is not complicated at all, just use the great exercises designed to work your penis out (the penis gym LOL).

How Does It Work?

You probably do not care how it works as long as it works rite? Anyway, it works by breaking down the cells and stretching ligaments on a microscopic level which your body then builds up again but this time stronger and BIGGER.

Is Penis Enlargement Bible difficult to use? Not at all, the guide you receive is really very easy to follow and use and you can start working instantly.

What Do You Receive When You Purchase Penis Enlargement Bible?

After you purchase the Penis Enlargement Bible, an introduction workout is the first exercise you are given. Basically, the introduction workout is a penis conditioner, that is, it prepares the penis for a series of enlargement exercises ahead. Introduction exercises worked out in the first week.

In the second week, there is further conditioning exercises that mark the beginning of actual penis enlargement. The first two weeks are the foundation of the whole workout. It is important to take this phase seriously as failure to could result in a serious damage to the penis with the other subsequent exercises.

From the third week to the sixth week, the two to four-inch length exercise is adopted. This is the standard workout program phase. From the seventh week onwards, a custom training practice, that improve on specific areas, is employed. This is where such problems as curved penis are corrected. Also the focus on either girth or penis length is attained at this phase. It is basically a stage to choose which option to take so as to achieve the desired penis results.

What I do not like about Penis Enlargement Bible?

In fact, there are no real negatives, penis enlargement takes time so you have to work the system to see results. If you are not willing to use the techniques and routines, then you will not see results and then you should not buy Penis Enlargement Bible. However, if you are willing to do the exercises then you are very likely to get a bigger penis after just a few weeks.

What I do like about PE Bible?

You get a system that works that is natural and safe, no pills, no equipment or surgery necessary. The exercises only take a few minutes every day. Penis Enlargement Bible By John Collins guarantee you 1 – 4 inches’ growth. Lifetime membership with access to online videos and pictures to help you grow bigger. You will have access to their penis enlargement community through the members only forums and chat room. And you get a 100% 8-week money back guarantee, so you have no risk.

PenisConclusion – Should I buy it?

In a market that is flooded with numerous pricey “services” that provide penis enlargement, why should you think about the PE Bible? The response is two-fold: initially, the apparent advantage would be with concerns to the expense. While other items cost anywhere from $150 to even countless dollars, you get to own this guide for a simple $47, which too with a 60-day refund Ironclad warranty.

The 2nd factor is that unlike the other penis enlargement items which provide synthetic and hazardous approaches and recommendations, the PE Bible just uses safe and completely natural options. At no point of time would you be at any type of danger following the program.

To sum it up, if you desire to increase your penis in a natural method and if you are devoted to the cause, you need to purchase this book. This is undoubtedly a one-time financial investment that you should not lose out on.